Welcome to My Own Dollhouse

Without fail, the workmanship in these dollhouses
is supremely detailed and will give the owner great
pleasure in bringing the beauty of the dolls house to
fulfillment with hands-on creative finishing.

Handcrafted with the highest quality materials, all
the models have hinged backs and roofs with front,
top, and in one case, side access for ease of decorating,
room size determination and lighting.

Many of our dollhouses are custom built to your plans
and ideas - just contact us and we'll work with you to
produce your exact dollhouse.

Dollhouse or Miniatures Lighting & Electrical

Miniature Dollhouses

We offer handcrafted custom wooden dollhouse made by Pamela O'Brien. My Miniature Creations builds and finishes custom dollhouses in our studio in Palm Beach. We have dollhouse furniture and miniature accessories in 1" scale and half inch and quarter inch scale. We can create a wide variety of gingerbread and dollhouse wood trims, cedar shingles and miniature hardware hinges and doorknobs. You can choose from many styles of dollhouse windows and doors, including Architect's Choice. Miniature lights, electrical supplies, and also wire your dollhouse with lights. We will complete the inside of the dollhouse with miniature wallpaper and dollhouse flooring of inlaid wood kits or carpet. Dollhouse dolls and animal pets are at My Miniature Creations as well.   

Dollhouse Decorating

Custom Dollhouse Creation, from roof top to floor, inside and out, and everything in between. We wallpaper the ceilings to cover the tape wire on the ceiling or we could install a plastic sheet resembling a Victorian tin ceiling. Dollhouse wallpaper comes from Mini graphics, Itsy Bitsy, Brodnax Prints, New Creations, and German wall panels. Old World Tile faux wall tiles create a look like hand-painted tile backsplashes. Dollhouse flooring includes Brodnax parquet kits, Miniature House tile, Houseworks wood sheets, and assorted hardwood flooring strips to design your own wood floor. Dollhouse Trims are available in basswood, cherry, and walnut. We have baseboards, crown molding, even gutters for the roof. My Miniature Creations has a line of trims and other detailed products made from a resin composite.

Dollhouse Exteriors

My Miniature Creations can make chimneys & cupolas, we offer any finished chimney as well, we can finish it in brick or stone, plus finished front steps in various sizes to match your chimney. Roofing: from wooden cedar shingles from New York in many different shapes to faux slate shingles on a roll from Penn. We also create miniature thatching for a cottage, and copper foil for dormer roofs and valleys and asphalt shingles too. To finish the exterior of your dollhouse we offer stucco and mortar, Yes we do make a lot of things here ourselves!

Dollhouse or Miniatures Lighting & Electrical

Dollhouse or Miniatures Lighting & Electrical is one of our passions and we offer dollhouse wiring and lighting fixtures in our creations as well. Our quality and realism is without a doubt among the best there is. We invite you to compare our creativity against any other miniature artist. Our focus on electrical for dollhouse and miniatures helps to breath life into your collectables. Whether it is a scale model of your business or a beautiful gift for a loved one, It will be a joy for one and all.

Get in touch with us

Do you want the custom dollhouse or roombox of your dreams? Our artisan handmade dolls houses are one of a kind, finely crafted showcase quality pieces.

Are you a collector of dollhouses or do you want to start? We have many dollhouse
styles to choose from or we can create one just for you. Our dolls houses can be created in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. Our range includes Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, and modern houses.

With an endless number of choices, deciding how to start a dollhouse collection can be daunting. The diversity of materials, price ranges, styles and periods can be overwhelming to a new collector.

If you focus to what interests you most It will be fun for you and it is the best way to start. I you have a theme, you'll find it easier to build a collection that will display well and will always be a good conversation piece

Miniatures & Collectibles

Over the last several decades, miniatures and other collectibles have become more popular than ever before. People with large and interesting collections are getting more attention in the media, sparking the interest of a new generation of collectible enthusiasts and breathing new life into one of the most popular hobbies of all time, collecting.

Thanks to the Internet, it has become easier than ever for collectors to find a wide range of information on their area of interest. Be it miniatures, stamps, coins, dollhouses or other collectable items, there are endless resources available at the touch of a button. Fellow enthusiasts, rare finds, and the final piece in your collection are only a click away.

However, as you may have noticed already, sometimes having too much information available can be a little overwhelming, and sifting through all of the sites on miniatures and other collectibles can get frustrating.

With this in mind, we would like to offer our original one of a kind Miniatures & Collectibles. In the course of building our own collections, we have amassed quite a wealth of information on the different kinds of collectibles out there and we want to share our information and experience with you!

**New Miniatures & Collectibles Feature**

In response to a number of emails we have received, we've created many new miniature creations in an effort to respond to most of the requests for new miniature and collectibles. We will be adding new online miniature art to our online stores as we complete them, so check back often if you don't find what you're looking for!

* One of the reasons collectible dollhouses are so popular is their unmatched ability to bring back wonderful memories of childhood and the simpler days. Almost everyone can remember at least one beloved doll from their younger years, even if it was one they couldn't have at the time for one reason or another.

* Collectible miniatures have always been a favorite among collectors for the simple reason that they are a great way to bring little pieces of art into your home and often feature sweet and endearing characters that you can't help but fall in love with.

* Our collectible miniature art section includes many popular themes from the past several decades, including action figures, old fashioned shops, fun destinations, model homes and more. Many of these items have increased significantly in value over the years...some of the rarer pieces can be worth a small fortune.

If you do not see what you are looking for or would like to have us create an original miniature art or scale model please contact us and we will be glad to talk with you about your ideas.


Try to Choose a Time Period or a Theme

Make a list of the things that appeal to you most. There are 3 main types of collections of dollhouse miniatures:

  • A Period of History: Victorian and Federal/Georgian are very popular periods with lots of material to collect and many reference books. Modern or particular historical architecture are popular too, especially in particular styles. (Craftsman, Georgian)

  • What's Your Passion: Do you collect shoes? Cars? Toys? Musical instruments? Items we collect for ourselves are widely available in miniature scales. Collecting miniature may let you have an easier to manages collection!

  • It's Fun to Tell a Story: When we capture a moment in time everyone can identify or understand a piece of local history. What goes on inside a working house? If telling a story appeals to you, will it be a single scene or maybe a related series? We can do this with a display box or building, or series of buildings?

    What Type of Dollhouse Miniatures do you like

  • Once you have decided on a theme, what space will your collection need? If you decided on a town or a village, what scale do you have room for? What will be best for you; a display box, a building, or a room full of glass cases?

    Collecting for a Display Box: Smaller collections can stay in a theme display box until you have enough pieces to showcase them in a larger structure (house or shop). A display box protects collectibles from dust and sunlight. Some houses are collections of display boxes. For examples of spectacular display rooms see the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago.

    Collecting for a Dollhouse: A dollhouse collection involves more choices and expense than a display box. What scale house can you display? Will one be enough? Will you need more? Is there a particular period/style of house you want? Are kits available in your style and price range? Will you scratch build, or buy something already wired for electricity or partially finished? Will you be happy if rooms stay unfurnished for years while you collect? Study the range of dollhouses and styles at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in London.

    Showcases: If you don’t want to tell a story or create a scene, a showcased collection may work best. Theresa Yu has an enormous collection of dollhouse items housed in showcases. (This can be a slow link as it is a huge private collection.) Hers is an impressive example of how large a miniature collection can grow! Imagine if it was all housed in miniature buildings!

    Mapping Out a Scene

    If you have a vision from Step One, and an idea of how to house it from Step Two, now map out your plans and decide which direction to take your collection. This is where you let your creativity shine. I'll use a display box as an example in the points below, but the same process applies to a building if you treat each room as a separate display.

    Focus on Detail:When you see your display box in your mind, what is the first thing you notice? Lots of detail and texture? A calm, peaceful feel? Do you want colors and design that create excitement? Write down the details of how you want your display to appear, use descriptive language, moody, peaceful, bustling, bright.

    Choose a Display View: With this step you choose how your eye will focus on the collection in your display. Will you need the viewer to focus on one corner, the back wall? Several layers and heights within the box?. Brooke Tucker’s Put Abouts draw your eye in to a multi layered scheme to showcase detailed collections. Plan your view and decide if you need windows for backlight, a doorway to draw your eye through, levels to change height and draw the collection upwards.

    Choose Colors and Lighting: These need to work together. Plan how your light source will look most natural and how you will achieve that in your box (wiring, glass top, natural light?) Choose colors that will work with your detail and lighting.

    Plan Plan Plan!: With the main concepts in place (a box, backlit via an open doorway in sunny colors to display a collection of kitchen miniatures),list what you can build and what you must buy in order to build your scene.

    Finding the Right Pieces:

    Plan your scene so you can focus on tracking down any essentials you are missing. Stick to a plan while shopping. It is easy to be drawn into adding more detail than the display can manage. Go with a list, a group of possible colors and fabric/wallpaper swatches and a simple photo of any pieces you already have. Divide your list into the following sections and check they all work together.

    Central Focus: What is the main display focus? List what you have and what you need to find. These are the main draw for your eye, so the quality of these should be as high as you can find, create, or afford.

    Supporting Cast: To showcase main pieces what supportive pieces do you need? What characteristics are important (color, size, material, texture) An example; you want a farmhouse kitchen style pine table to place your collection of crockery and food items on, but it could be painted plastic as most of it will be covered with a white tablecloth.

    Background: Everything not a central focus or support for the central focus is background. This might include rugs, furniture, even figures. It has to be chosen to continue the mood and add to the overall feel/color/design but it shouldn’t be what you notice first. Find color swatches and experiment with fabric and paper samples to make sure your background choices stay out of the limelight but add the right effect.

    Construction Materials: these are the pieces you need to build and light the actual box, finish the front edges and provide a base for the display.

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