Restoration, Custom and Dollhouse Kit Building

You want to restore your dollhouse you cherished as a child… or you purchased a dollhouse kit not realizing how extensive the build out would be… These are two of many things I do!

Dollhouse Finishing and Electrification

Building and restoration of dollhouses, be it kit or custom! In addition I am able to finish (paint, wallpaper, trims, flooring, roofing….) as needed. I also electrify and repair electrical to your specifications.

I build and create in all scales, traditional one inch, half inch, quarter inch and even smaller 1/144th -- check out my "scenes inside a teacup"!

Custom Roomboxes and Vignettes

Do you want a roombox or vignette custom made? Please contact me with your ideas and I can create or replicate just about anything in miniature!

If you can dream / describe it, I can build it…Its’ all in the details! I look forward to hearing from you!