Hemingway's Writing Studio, Key West home

Hemingway's Writing Studio, Key West home
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The famous writer Ernest Hemingway, was also a cat-lover. He admired their spirit and independence. As the story has been told, a sea faring captain had given a special six toed (polydactyl) cat to Ernest Hemingway, and from that cat, the legends of Hemingway's cats have grown. Today, approximately 60 cats make their home in and around the HEMINGWAY HOME & WRITING STUDIO MUSEUM. These cats are so well known that the nick name "Hemingway Cats” has been given to describe polydactyls. They wander throughout the museum house and grounds and are taken care of by the staff and a full time vet. They ignore the tourists and pretty much prefer to just cat nap where ever they can find a cool quiet spot to sleep. 
How many cats can you find?
By Pam O’Brien & Brenda Levenson

Dimensions 15 x 12 x 12

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