Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar
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State Day North Carolina, 2008 I’m reading my miniature magazine and come upon this State Day in NC, 2008. The theme is All About Wine and building a wine cellar. What fun!! A group of miniaturists congregate from all over for a day of workshops, raffles, food and fun. You start with breakfast amongst mini friends new and old. Then, you learn different techniques to use in your creation. Break for lunch, with raffles galore, then more mini work , only to close at the end of the day with many memories to cherish. To make my trip doubly fun…..I stayed on in Charlotte for a couple more days…as I have a dear friend, Jennifer, who lives in North Carolina. We’ve been friends since childhood and as you know we get “busy with life” and don’t always make the time to visit and stay in touch. Jen is also what I consider not just a wine enthusiast but a wine expert. Me? I never really acquired a taste, but Jen keeps trying to convert me. What a fabulous weekend it was!!

Dimensions 18 x 10 x 12


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