About the Artist

Pamela O’Brien, a left handed native Floridian, born in Miami Shores and raised in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. A resident of Delray Beach since 1985. I have been building and creating for over 20 years. I belong to two clubs; locally, Les Petit Collecteurs of South Florida, based in Boca Raton; and, nationally with NAME, the National Association of Miniaturist Enthusiasts.

Our club, Les Petit Collecteurs of South Florida is 40+ years old, a member of NAME and each year we put on a show for charity and raise several thousand dollars to donate to Kids in Distress, and AVDA. NAME is actually an international non profit organization for miniaturists, be it builders or collectors. NAME has been around many many years and has membership 5000 strong. The many clubs that make up NAME host house parties, state days, workshops in all scales as well as the annual convention.

One might say it’s the littlest of things that make me smile!

I build to scale as you will see. I favor one inch, which means one inch in miniature equals one foot in reality, it’s the most popular. Then there’s half inch, which is more portable as one half inch in miniature equals one foot in reality. And finally, I can say I’ve also done quarter inch, which can be quite frustrating as one quarter inch in miniature equals one foot in reality. But, the finished product of any scale is always very satisfying. I truly love creating and building something out of nothing. For example, the drink holders you get at McDonald’s can make great stepping stones. All you need is a scissor, a little dry brush paint and your imagination.

I have built from kits, from plans and from my own design. I enjoy making each scene look real. I have built privately for families either replicating a home they grew up in or renewing that old dollhouse in the attic for their young niece or granddaughter. For the holidays I have also built new and decorated to spec for families. I would love to build something for you. Please feel free to contact me.

I wanted a dollhouse since I was a little girl. I love all forms of art and truly enjoy working with my hands. My mom called me her “dabbler” as I would flit from one project to the next without a second thought. In college, I studied business and finance but used art and architecture as my electives. On my 32nd birthday my mom took me into the Dollhouse Corner. We met and talked with Dick and Barbara Fales, picked out my first dollhouse “kit”…and the rest is history!

Dick and Barbara Fales owned and operated the Dollhouse Corner in Delray Beach for probably 30 years. My first house was called a Queen Anne’s Farmhouse (a kit), a nine room two story house with a wrap around porch. I was so excited to get started! So excited, I built it backwards (It was a right handed instruction and I am left handed). So…before moving forward I was already building the “addition” to correct my artistic error. On the upside, I’m glad I learned this early on, as it is most always a costly fix. This nine room house was only the beginning. I love every facet of building which includes designing, creating, and even electrifying in some cases. I also love learning and teaching new techniques. I thoroughly enjoy making each scene look “real”. I hope you enjoy my website and my pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Any piece can be replicated to your design requests, do not let a SOLD label deter you from contacting me.