Dollhouse and Miniatures Lighting and Electrical

If you are looking for lighting and electrical for your Dollhouse or miniature, we construct, repair, renovate, and offer decorating services on all types of dollhouses, including houses by Real Good Toys, House that Jack Built but our specialty is custom made dollhouses and miniatures.

Dollhouse electrical systems in your dollhouse can really add to the beauty of your doll house. However installing a dollhouse electrical system can be difficult and frustrating to many people. We can easily install a dollhouse electrical system for you by using the follow the following simple rules.

First of all you should see that you do not cross the two separate power streams running through the wire or copper tape. If you do so at any other place than inside than the light bulb, you will short circuit your dollhouse lighting and electrical system. The mixing of the two wired will create heat that will burn out your doll house electrical system.

Secondly you should ensure that the doll house lighting and electrical connections are secure by seeing that bare metal is touching bare metal. This is necessary at the point where you want the electricity to be conducted.

Also, your doll house lighting and electrical system will burn out faster if you use more voltage and watts than your doll house electrical bulbs can withstand. Alternatively, if the voltage and watts is too low, then the lights of your doll house lighting and electrical system will be dim.

The standard voltage for most doll house electrical systems is 12 volts. You should use this voltage only if you do not know lot about other voltages in doll house electrical systems.

Wiring a doll house electrical system can be a frustrating experience sometimes as working with tiny wires is not easy.

Also last but not the least, while installing the doll house lighting and electrical system, you should count the bulbs and not the light fixtures when determining how many lights you can put on a transformer. The number of bulbs in the light fixture and not the fixture itself should be counted in the doll house electrical system.

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Our miniature scale models use electrical lighting to enhance the appearence and support the realistic qualities of our replicas.
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